Cheap outfits ideas: with pants!

Hi guys! Today I have a new cheap outfit ideas post but this time feauturing pants in every look :D you know I rarely wear pants, I just have two or three pairs in my closet 'cause I don't think they look good on me, but I always loved some models I added in these post and I'm really tempted to give some of them a try!

This first look is all about the coat, it's amazing don't you think? I love the long classic shape together with the corset belt, it adds a nice detail to a kinda normal coat, to mantain the corset vibe I also added this pair of empire pants with the same motif, you can't see them while you're wearing the coat but I think they look bomb without it! To create a variation in this monochrome look I chose this gorgeous bodysuit in lace, it's one of the coolest I've ever seen! To complete the outfit I went for huge platform boots, simple and clean, perfect for this look.

The second look is totally me, I usually wear outfits like this when I want to look cute but at the same time cool and still feel comfortable, the long jacket is amazing and it fits really well gothic looks, maybe you'll remember I had a similar one in an old blog post. Can we talk about how amazing this pair of pants is? I recently got a similar pair and I can't wait to rock it! The bag is a nice touch with the studded details and this pair of shoes are gorgeous, I really need them in my life.

The last outfit is more casual but I really love adding a tiny touch of red (which is one of my favorite colors) in a total black look, the denim jacket is amazing and I love both the print on the back and the shape. The bag is really cute too and I shared a similar one in my previous collage post here with pink details, this time the red stars are perfect to fit the print's jacket! This type of pants are current in the fashion trends and I love them, I remember I had a pair like this like 10 years ago ahah (and the shoes are so cute and look so comfy!)

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