Hat h&m - Wig Trendywigs - Cardigan Romwe - Skirt SheIn - Boots Quanticlo

Lately I'm feeling really inspired by '90 fashion, I think you can see it in this look :D I love wearing long skirts even during the cold season, this one is pretty light and good for summer too but with a good pair of warm tights you can rock it even in autumn (the price is really cheap and it's quality is good, I really recommend it!), I paired it with this lovely cropped cardigan perfect for an inspired '90 look, a big but simple choker with a giant silver cross and as always my favorite platform boots and this huge black hat I wore so many times but it's still in perfect condition. I'm really into total black looks lately but I hope to add some tiny colorful details as I did in the past months, sometimes I'm totally back to my "origins" and my beloved full black is always in my heart. 

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