Cat window power!

I went out with friends and finally I met again Sara after long time yesterday! We decided to twin with our Cat Window prints from Putumayo, she wore the first edition in cotton and I wore the velvet edition, we also coordinate our outfits with a fur jacket and rocking horse shoes, aren’t we so cute?
First we went to the mall for a little make up shopping (and to see winter clothes collection, I admit it ahah), we bought some items from the last Essence supply and limited edition, here there's a pic of our common purchases :
“STOOOOOP IT, you have a lot of products!!!” when I buy make up items I always repeat to me, it’s like a drug ahah but I started a disposal make up project, so I’ll finish some items, I don’t know why but I’m too lazy to finish a product sometimes…when I’ll finish a lot of items I’ll start a big review! In one of my next posts I’ll finally share reviews of my last make up purchases from Kiko!
getting back to what I was previously saying, we went to a nearby city after the mall, because the manga shop is there :D I bought the last number of Shi Ki, then we went to a cute bar for a hot tea, for me the most relaxing moment!
Green tea is my favorite one in this moment, do you like tea? What's your favorite one? My favorites are lady grey, green tea, vanilla and white tea!
Outfit of the day, it's more casual than my usual style but I like it! It's really comfy and warm!


Thank you camera...I look like a ghost D:
I coordinate it with leopard coat and accessories (necklace and headbow), I hope you like it!
A pic of my purchases, below a list with all the products name!
- Essence I love stage eyes primer
- Essence nail polish remover strawberry
- Shi ki n°4
- Essence Blush Brush
- Essence limited edition Urban Messages lipstick 02 "It peace"
- Essence Tint it! Colour changing lipgloss 02 "Turn to Lucky"

Lastly a video of a cute fountain that changes color! You can listen my voice (damn it), ahah it's always so strange for me

Thank you for looking and comments my dear readers!

4 commenti:

  1. I'm dead jealous of you being able to wear autumn clothes already. It's still summer temperatures around here and i hate it! -_-;
    I love essence, its so cheap and their stuff is ok quality, i always get their makeup as well.
    Love the jacket with that print, it suits the overall punkish feel and works very well. You both look adorable.

  2. I like your outfit, and of your friend ^^
    It's almost time to wear winter clothing, at times it's so cold! And I have to admit that I have never drank green tea, I'm afraid I won't like it haha

  3. you both are sooooooo cute!!!!! *-* I must say the leopard coat is the PIECE!
    make up is never too much! shopping is a drug! hahah Winter clothes...why is the summer almost here?? noooo ;_;
    haha cameras like to make us look like ghosts, but I like pale skin ^^
    I like those "water shows", shoppings should adopt the idea. Is pretty cool.

  4. Thank you very much girls ♥♥♥!!

    redtonic: I hope you can wear asap your autumn clothes! Italy is strange, two weeks ago was summer, now there are 10-15° °_°! Essence products are really nice ♥

    †Niesje7002† You need to drink green tea!! It's really delicate, I hope you like it :D

    Ana: I hope you can wear autumn clothes asap ♥ I hate summer so much D:! For my birthday my dad will buy for me a new camera, I hope to make good pics when I'll have it :D stop with ghosts pics ahah!!


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