lunedì 2 marzo 2015


Hat, skirt h&m - Jacket Zara - Tee Ebay - Tights Taobao - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Shoes Cute to the core - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Missguided (altered)

Finally I'm back with a new outfit post! The weather was really bad this period so I wasn't satisfied with my outfits pics lately, but it seems the spring is finally here so I could take some new photos! I wore this tee I got few days ago which is totally awesome, I got so many questions where I bought it I felt a bit disperated the past days ahahah unfortunetely I haven't the link of the shop, but you can browse through ebay and find it easily. The bag is one of the gorgeous gift I got for my degree the past November, it's so cozy and I think it suits really well this coord, which is comfy but still cool, perfect for a Sunday going around local shops! Of course let me know if you like this kind of easy coord post, I'm honest this is my favorite "type" and I follow so many great blogs that share only cool outfits pics I always feel like a potato ahahah!

giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

Day 5: Ikebukuro

Finally a new post about my Tokyo travel! I'll do my best to concentrate everything I did in a day in only one post, I have a shameful amount of pics so it won't be really easy but I'll do my best to choose only my favorite ones. On the fifth day we went to Ikebukuro, which is one of my favorite parts of Tokyo, there are tons of different shops and locals!

I wore some of the new things I bought during the travel! The funny thing is I got so many attentions....for my boobs lol, I also tried to hide them as I can and made them look smaller, but yeah everyone looked at me like boobs are for aliens.

The main street is full of people and game stations, I also found a cool display with the last Psycho-pass movie (totally love this anime!) so I had to take a pic of it ahah! We went to the famous Ikebukuro Sunshine City, which is a big mall with tons and tons of beautiful shops, you can spend almost a whole day inside it, I don't joke!

Inside the mall there was a big shops with tons of cosmetics items, I went crazy looking at all the new eyelashes I never saw before ahah! If you're searching for makeup items you totally need to check it! There are also a lot of beautiful fashion shops *u*.

When we saw a totally new pokemon center opened inside the mall we become totally CRAZY, I made some research some days before the travel to find a pokemon center near our area without results so we were both shocked and happy to see it there! It was full of everything you can immagine, if you want to see more about it check my last youtube video HERE, I did my best to film inside it ahah! The prices for anyone who already asked were really afforable so if you are a pokemon fan and you'll go to Tokyo don't miss the chance to check it!

There is also a Sanrio Vivitix shop inside the mall! I know you all always see me in total black but I'm a big fan of kawaii things (lol), with the sales I bought a lovely pajama with my melody and it was really cheap! Of course you'll see it when I have enough time to take the pics of my Tokyo haul.

During the evening we went around Shinjuku for a walk! I love you can walk around without reason and see many fashionable people and interesting things *_*

I hope I can share the next Tokyo post soon! Now I really want to take some new outfit pics but the weather is terrible these days in Italy T_T.