Lolita closet part I

My dear friend Flavia made for me a new banner for the blog, what do you think? I like it very much :D

Today I would like to share my Lolita dresses, next time I’ll post shoes, bags and accessories! I hope you like them! I didn’t make pics of my outfits in these days, sorry! Saturday I’ll go out with friends and I already decide the outfit eheh!

Let's start with Moitie dresses (jsk & op):

Silent Moon blackxblue ( I need to iron it, my closet it's too small for all my dresses D:), Front Cross Bluexblack, Tulle Rose ivoryxblue


Divine Cross blackxgold (velvet version), Holy Queen Bluexsilver

Ritual print blackxgrey, Cathedral blackxsilver

Aatp dresses:

Vampire Forest, Scent of Rapunzel, Beauty and the rose promise. All red. I'm a red Aatp addicted eheh

Baby the stars shine bright dresses (light colors):

Paris Window ivory, Pocket Embriodery 2°edition cream and Wizard of Oz cream

Dark colors:

Bad pic ever, I don't know why my camera didn't work...

Virgin Mary, Christmas ornamental ( I forgot the veil), simple full shirring

Other colors:

Merry Sweet Castle brown and Oiseau Blue red

Angelic pretty dresses:

Lady rose white and Cherry Berry Bunny black


Miracle Candy red and Rose toilette black

Putumayo dresses:

Cat window blackxgold (velvet edition) and cat window blackxpink (normal edition), I'm a cat addicted!

Chandelier Blackxblue (now it's a strange color), Carousel Pinkxblack

Innocent World:

Only one dress, Chandelier op in light gray!

My style changed a lot in these years so I decided in the next months to sell some of my dresses, I'm sad but it'useless to have a big wardarobe and I wear some of them few times...

7 commenti:

  1. Wow, you have a big wardrobe!
    So many lovely items ♥♥ Your IW dress is beautiful, and I would love to have the divine cross and front cross dress someday ♥

  2. Pretty banner!!! MoitiƩ style hehe
    You have soooooo many pretty prints and pretty dress models!! *-* I think I never saw you wearing the IW dress :O

  3. wow, hai una collezione invidiabile *_*

  4. oh my god! ♥ i want your wardrobe!!!! *-* :D

  5. thank you very much girls ♥♥♥ I'm glad you like them!

    Haku: I wore the IW once, I hope to wear it asap :D

  6. thank you very much ♥ I'm glad you love it!


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