Life is black and white

I went out with my boyfriend to the manga shop some days ago, but unfortunately it was closed:(, so we decided to come back to our town for a little walk (and we found some mangas that we wanted in a stationery shop!). I wore again my leopard jumpsuit 'cause my bf loves it, this time the outfit was more casual with my leather jacket and creepers, it was really comfy, perfect for saturday afternoon!

The pic is not the best, I look so short and fat ahah sometimes my bf is a bad photographer.
It's the first time I played with some blackxwhite effect, I love the final result, I think it's perfect with the outfit mood!

I love these H&M fakelashes, they are long but natural! I tried my dolly wink limited set, but they are too exaggerated for my taste so I'll wear them only for events...I need new fake lashes eheh maybe I'll buy them in my next taobao order !

The sky was so beautiful

7 commenti:

  1. The jumpsuit looks good on you, so I can imagine your bf likes it :D
    And those fake eyelashes look indeed natural, perfect for this outfit.

    And I like the last photo, such beautiful colors ♥

  2. ahhhhh Love your outfit!! The jumpsuit looks great on you!!! *-* I would love to wear it but... I don't like how it looks like on me :(

  3. che carina hyrule!! stai molto bene vestita così<3

  4. thank you very much girls! You're always so sweet ♥♥♥

  5. Cara bellissime foto e ti ringrazio per aver partecipato al giveaway ^_^ Un bacio grande

  6. Ma quanto stai bene vestita così!**

  7. Crazy4makeup: grazie a te per aver organizzato il giveaway, il premio è splendido ♥!

    Giulia: grazie mille cara ♥ *_*


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