Random things

It's time to make a random post! I have a lot of pics in my pc so I would share some of them!
Let's start with last purchases:

Let's start with last purchases:TUK Creepers, they were in my wishlist for a long time, I was lucky to find them for a reasonable price in my community! They are very comfy, I racommend them!

New Yorker jumpsuit: I don't wear gyaru style but when I saw it for the first time I fell in love! Maybe it's the only thing in my "gyaru wishlist" eheh! I bought it from the gyary sales comm, I received it after one month, italian customs destroyed the parcel (the address was unreadable) but luckly it arrived! I shared a worn pic in the previous post for the Versailles concert

Presents received from Waratte Koarete staff after the show! Nice gifts!

Outfit try for Versailles concert (then I didn't wear ahah). I hope to have a good chance to wear them asap!

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  1. Nice purchases! I love the creepers, they are also still on my wishlist haha ^^

  2. thank you dear ♥ I hope you can buy the creepers asap :D

  3. i absolutely love that jumpsuit ! <3 nice blog btw ~


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