Review: Lolita Wig 807A Uniqso

It's time for a new wig review! I took this lovely grey one called Lolita wig 807A from my favorite shop Uniqso, they sell the best wigs both for quality and prices, I'm always really satisfied with every one I got from them!

This is how the wig looks in the store, a soft and light shade of grey with a tiny tint of pink. It's a really cute design and I can see it both for cosplay and fashion lovers!
The shipping was really fast, I choose the EMS one, I got the wig without problems and in a few days!

This is how the wig looks in real life, it's a bit darker than the website pic (also my pics are indoor with natural light, you can see a better light in the next pics). You can see really well the tiny pink hair all around, it gives a special touch to the whole wig. The scalp is also very well done and the wig is pretty light weight too! The only difference is it is not straight as it looks, but more curly!
You can get it here!

As you can see in these outdoor pics the color is pretty light! This wig is really pretty, soft and light weight, I really recommend it! I didn't cut the bangs so you can see how it looks when you receive the wig, I think it's really cute this way too!

Quality ★★ really high quality fiber!
 Color  amazing color combination 
 Softness ★ super smooth and easy to comb 

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! 

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