Hat Romwe - Wig Heahair - Dress SheIn - Top Fig&Viper - Tights Aliexpress - Necklace Nadia el corazon - Boots Windsor Smith

Today's look is totally different from the usual, I never had a gingham dress before and I really love the pattern, for this reason I bought also a pair of pants some days ago ahah! The dress is really cute, unfortunately it doesn't suit me really well, maybe I have to try a different combination, but the material is pretty good and light, perfect for summer time! I think this is one of the last spring outfits 'cause summer is almost here in Italy, I hope we won't get a torrid temperature this year again 'cause I could die ahah! I hope you're spending some lovely days, I'm not feeling really well in this period but I'll do my best to be happy again!

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