Travel diary: Chieti

People who have been following me for a long time maybe remeber I did many travel posts some years ago, with so many collaborations and very few time it was really hard for me to share my adventures with you but I decided to cut out some space for more personal posts, I want to give to my blog a different cut after too many years of only outfit posts and reviews, I hope you'll like the new content you'll read from now on my blog :)! My blog is a work but it's also my favorite place to share my life and things I really enojoy, so I really hope you'll like this kind of new but at the same time old kind of posts.

As many of you already know I opened a second ig account to share my travel pics (you can check it here), many of my friends supported me in sharing these kind of pics which is one of my favorite things to shoot, I love churches, architectures, nature and discovering new wonderful places, traveling is one of my favorite things to do. The monday after Easter is usually a day for pic nics in Italy, but for a change me and my bf went for a spontaneous trip to Chieti, I never visited the old city and I really wanted to check some of the churches there. Most of them were closed sadly but I had the chance to take pics inside two wonderful ones!

The first one is Cattedrale di San Giustino (Chieti Cathedral in English), the most famous one in Chieti and I can say is one of the coolest churches I ever visited! The cathedral was constructed in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 13th,  it's a great combination between romanesque and baroque style.

I visited many churches in my life but it's the first time I was able to shoot many great pics 'cause every angle of this place was so beautiful and well illuminated, maybe it can sounds strange by a person like me but I prefer this kind of places instead of nude and grey churches, I love seeing paintings, statues and detailed ceilings. It was also really quite and without many visitors, which is a shame 'cause it's so amazing and peaceful.

There was also a crypt, really dark and simple but really suggestive for the atmosphere. There were some really old graves and more recent ones, all for the bishops who worked in this cathedral. This is the most simple part of the church but I really apprecciated it anyway.

After that we went around for a second church and discovered a really tiny one in the centre of Chieti, which is called Chiesa di San Domenico degli scolopi. I forgot to take a pic outside (it was a really simple classic frontage), but inside it was a big surprise for its baroque style!

A lot smaller than the previous cathedral, but really pretty too and full of beautiful paintings all around. It wasn't easy to shoot a lot of pics 'cause it was really dark. There are many other churches I really want to see in Chieti so I'll surely go back there again :D

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