Small Town Boy


Hat River Island - Wig Heahair - Jacket Asos - Tee old one - Skirt Romwe - Tights Calzedonia - Shoes Yru

You don't see colorful looks by me often but today it's the day! I know, almost all the outfit is black with a tint of white, but I added this amazing sukajan jacket I bought the past year from Asos, it's totally not my style but it was so beautiful I had to take it (and I wore it more than what I thought!) especially with ripped jeans and plain tees, but for my blog I wanted something more special than my cozy daily outfits :) but let me know if you want to see more lazy looks from me, I always think they are boring ahah! The tee is also a really old one I got from my boyfriend (the band is Testament if you wanted to know), I miss the times when we went to so many metal lives, I think we became both more lazy ahah but I can't wait to see some of my favorite bands when they come to Italy!

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