Girl Gang

Wig Lockshop - Hat h&m - Top Romwe - Dress Romwe - Boots Tuk

Hi guys! I'm back from my tiny holiday, today was the last day in Krakow and I'm so sad I had only few days to explore the city, but I'm quite proud I visited everything I really wanted before going back home :D! This look is quite simple and it's feauturing some brand new items: one of my favorite trends lately is wearing a black dress with a contrast tee under it, so I think this cute V neck dress was totally perfect for my idea! the only bad thing is that it's a bit too long on me :( I think the result would be a lot better if it was shorter! I don't mind 'cause I think the white tee looks perfect under it, I really like the words in red "girl gang" :D! I want to try more looks like this, I hope to get some cool items to create what I have in my mind!

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