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Hat h&m - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Tee Black Sanctuary - Mesh Dress Romwe - Boots Tuk

One more comfy look wearing another Black Sanctuary tee, I'm so in love with the huge print on the back :D it's amazing how this tee can look so easy and simple on the front but on the back the magic happens! I paired it in a really simpe way wearing this cool mesh dress which is perfect in so many different occasions, my favorite Tuk boots and the usual big black hat! As some of you already know on my Instagram I'm back in Italy after my tiny trip to Krakow, I'm thinking about doing a blog post (or more) about the trip with some tips and cool places I visited, let me know if you're interesting in something like this! I love reading travel blogs even if mine is about fashion it's always nice to add some different contents sometimes!

4 commenti:

  1. YASSSSS this outfit though! It's a bit too daring for me, but I love how you coordinated it with different coloured lens.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  2. I love this outfit on you! I think it would be a bit outside of my personal comfort zone, but I seriously love how you've combined the t-shirt and mess dress :3

  3. Oh my god, you look stunning! Lovely outfit once again <3

    I'd definitely like to read posts about your trip! I love travel blogs and posts about traveling in general so yeah, please just write them :> I can't wait to read them!

  4. O.m.g.! seriously i'm scared looking so scary babe love it


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