50 shades of grey

Headband handmade - Wig Uniqso - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

It's strange for me but today I'm not totally convinced about my outfit, I recently got some new cool items in the mail like this gorgeous and soft light grey/lilac long skirt, I already have some light colored skirts in my closet so I thought it would be easy to coordinate this one too....but I wasn't right, I don't know I think the look is a bit unbalanced even if I added all black items and the grey wig...let me know what do you think about it! The top is a gorgeous sheer one with little pastel flowers all over it, it's so elegant and beautiful I can't stop looking at it ahah! I shared a new giveaway on Instagram :D join it if you have not already seen it, you can win a gorgeous kimono you previously saw on the blog!

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