Hat Romwe - Wig Uniqso - Top Spreepicky - Skirt h&m - Cardigan Terranova - Tights Japan - Boots Quanticlo

Recently you all noticed I'm doing less outfit posts than usual (and many more reviews) but don't worry you'll soon see tons of new looks here too and not only on my ig account. I'm doing many different bloggers jobs lately and most of them are reviews, I created my blog years ago both to share with you my looks but also to help people choose items like wigs and lenses. I'm sincere, I'm really sad looking how blogs almost disapperead on the net 'cause people prefer scrolling a dashboard on instagram or watching a youtube video, most of them without a real content. Also the ig algorhytm afflicts most of the older accounts like mine (and other people who were there long before the recent big success), this makes all of us feel really frustrated 'cause our beloved followers can't see our posts anymore. I wish the whole internet to come back to a more genuine approach with a real and supportive community. I'm sorry for this rant about social medias but sometimes you need to share your thoughts with people who can understand you!

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  1. Your outfit, Uniqso wig, lipstick and makeup all look very pretty. I love the colour combination of your eyeshadow, lipstick, wig, and red plaid mini-skirt. You look beautiful, and I appreciate that your pretty outfit posts are still here on your blog to admire.



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