Lace front wigs for witchy looks

Hi lovelies! I decided to create a series of posts on how to create different looks I usually wear, many of you asked for some wigs tips so for today's post I have some cool recommendations from the shop Everydaywigs! I already have one of their wigs and I can say is one of the coolest wigs in my collection :D

Straight wigs

Long straight wigs are my favorites for witchy looks, they're also really easy to style and mantain in a good shape without daily care. You already know how much I love ombre wigs especially mixed with special colors like green or grey, I selected three of the best straight synthetic wigs (of course the ones I like the most) perfect to fit a witchy look without using the classic black hair. Do you like them? My favorite is the light grey one :D so delicate and gorgeous! You can check the website for more high quality synthetic wigs!

Green wigs

Just to remain on the topic of green wigs you have a great selection on the website! From pastel to a very bright shade you can find almost every style and cut for green wigs! I'm totally in love with the first one, I need something similar in my collection. I imagine it for a cool shooting in the forest, I think it would look bomb with a total black look and a huge hat like the model in the pic! 

Ombre Wigs

Of course ombre wigs are my favorite ones so I couldn't forget choosing some of them too :D! For a witchy look you can easily go with every color especially if there's a black ombre, it makes the wig looks really natural and easy to wear for everyone. The last one with the grey is perfect for every witch, but also the pastel pink and the gradient grey/purple are my favorites to add a pop of color in a classic dark look, they would make it more special and unique! 

Let me know of course if you like this kind of posts, I would be really happy to do it for different styles and colors! Wigs are one of my favorite details in outfits, it's always so great to change your hairstyle without damaging your own hair!

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  1. What a wonderful selection of absolutely gorgeous looking wigs!!! I have been thinking of purchasing a new wig (I've mainly worn them on Halloween) and I just made a preliminary visit to the EveryDayWigs website. I also like many of the other wigs you've featured on your blog and worn with your fabulous outfits and love the look of the wig in your profile photo as well.


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