Review: Geo Diamond Grey

Hi sweeties! Happy weekend :D I have one more circle lens review for you today, this time for a unique pair called Geo Diamond Grey from the store Geocoloredlens! You already know from my previous reviews they sell genuine lenses from the brand Geo that is known for great quality and designs.

As always Geo lenses come in this tiny glass bottles, I wish Geo would change the packages one day 'cause I prefer the plastic ones ahah! 


Base Curve 8.8
Diameter 14.8mm
Water Content 40±2%
Material Polymacon
Life Span 1 year

These lenses are so HUGE you can see a really big difference between my natural diameter and the eye with the lens, I usually don't wear lenses this big but I think this pair it's perfect for a cosplay or a dolly look, you totally need your eyes to be bigger and rounder for that occasions! Even if they're so big they are still really comfortable and soft. The color is a cute grey and the diamond design is really special, for sure not a pair of lenses you'll forget :D! They're available in a lot of other colors too and they come with prescription as well. Get them HERE.

Such a great pair for a dolly look :D they're really visible!

Color ★★★★ cute grey color 
Design ★★★★ special design
Enlargement ★★★ BIG enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- cute grey color that fits perfectly every eye color
-  special design!
- perfect for cosplay and dolly looks
- big diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

You can also check Geo Coloured Lenses account for more real life pics, discounts and details:    FacebookInstagram Tumblr and Pinterest!

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