Review: Geo Fresh Color Grey

Hi cuties! I have a new circle lens review for you :D this time for the shop Geocoloredlens! As many of you already know they sell only genuine lenses from Geo, one of the most famous and popular brands for circle lenses, this time I tried a pair of grey lenses called Geo Fresh color Grey

Geo lenses always come in this tiny glass bottles, not really easy to open the first time but they're really safe for your lenses! As always you'll get a circle lens case to store your lenses.

Base Curve 8.6
Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 40±2%
Material Polymacon
Life Span 1 year

The color is a beautiful shade of dark grey and it covers really well my natural brown eyes, I think this pair will look great over all eye colors! The design is really simple but cute at the same time, it can fit really well cosplay because it gives a lovely dolly look to your eyes. The diameter is natural but as you can see the enlargement, they're perfect also for a j-fashion look! They come with prescrition as well. If you're looking for a cute pair of dark grey lenses this pair is totally for you! You can get them HERE

These lenses are so cute! I totally recommend them to you :D

Color ★★★★★ lovely grey color 
Design ★★★★ simple design
Enlargement ★★★ natural enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- cute grey color that fits perfectly every eye color
-  great design
- perfect for cosplay and j-fashion looks
- natural diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

You can also check Geo Coloured Lenses account for more real life pics, discounts and details:    FacebookInstagram Tumblr and Pinterest!

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