Personalized gift idea (cheap!)

Hi lovelies!
I hope you're having a nice weekend :D today I have a new post for you about a shop I discovered recently called Personalized Cart! The store sells a lot of different personalized items perfect for cool and cheap gifts to your beloved ones, you can easily find cute items for men, women and kids from various categories so I think it's really easy to find something perfect for your needs.

I'm an accessories addicted so my choice went for this lovely and tiny personalized necklace in color silver (it's also in sterling silver! You can choose different colors and materials). I decided to engrave the initial letter of my name, I really like it's quality, I think it's perfect for layering many different necklaces without looking too heavy! The package is also lovely and perfect for a gift.

Do you like personalized items? I think they're really cute and also a life savior when you don't know what to buy for a present!

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