Hat h&m - Wig Lockshop - Necklaces Killstar, Romwe and Weirdbrand creations - Dress Unif - Boots Quanticlo

Just another all black look even if the weather feels like hell, this old dress from Unif is so fresh and perfect to fight this hot and humid weather. Do you remember when Unif made cool and edgy dresses like this one? I miss so much their old style and I'm really sad I didn't have the chance to get some cool pair of shoes from them, maybe one day I'll find something second hand. The rest of the outfit is really simple but I wore many necklaces to make the look a bit more special, I love playing with accessories so much. I also got my ear pierced a while ago and now I also have a cute earrings collection which is still growing ahahah. I did a lot of shopping lately, I'll dosome new haul video on my Youtube channel really soon so if you don't want to miss them subscribe to it. Videos are in Italian but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.

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  1. oooh, I love that dress! I also miss their old style :( now I just trawl resale websites for people selling their old stuff used.


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