Hat h&m - Necklace Mourning Boudoir - Top Black Sanctuary - Skirt Romwe - Tights Ceduire - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

This shooting was unfortunate...the weather wasn't the best but I decided to go out anyway to take some new outfit pics, it started to rain the moment I arrived to the location so I literally did this pics under the rain even if you can't see it XD the results were a lot of blurry pics lol. It's incredible how we all can see cool photoshoots but we don't know how difficult they could be sometimes ahah. Today's outfit features another cool top from Black Sanctuary, the print is really funny and many people complimented it to me ahah (oh well just the younger ones, I don't think old people can understand it lol especially because English is not well known in Italy....yes it's really sad). 

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