Headband Spinns - Top Goodbye bread - Tights Taobao - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Yru

I feel so back to the '90 with this camo look :D I remember so well when I was child there were so many camouflage items, especially in music videos! This cool top is super comfy and light so you can easily wear it as you want in different seasons, mine it's the L size so I can wear it as a dress which is my favorite way to dress up with oversize items! The rest of the look is quite basic wearing my old Yru platform shoes and this pair of tights (they're actually ruined but you can't see it in the pics ahah I can't find the same tights after so many years I bought them!). After this shooting it started raining so hard, four months have passed since the last time (yes, four months without a proper rain...) I wish it was a relaxing rain but it looks like a tempest, always the best timing lol.

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