Hello Autumn

Hat Romwe - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Overskirt Ghost of Harlem

Hi guys! Weekend is here and I have so many things to do and events to join, I really love to be back to fall 'cause is always full of occasions to do something different ( and I also love the weather, I won't lie). One of the reasons I really love autumn beside the usual activities like drinking hot tea under a blanket watching tv series is....layering my clothes! I can finally wear jackets, tights, boots and all my favorite items again :D I got so many lovely things to show you for the new season, I hope you'll like them! This first autumnal coordinate is something I don't usually wear, it's the first time I have an army green long skirt, I love the fabbrics and how elegant it is, but I paired it with a more gothic and casual crop top to make the coord a bit more casual and cozy, this color combination is great for autumn! What are your favorite colors for fall? Beside my beloved black I really love burgundy and denim items!

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