Hat h&m - Tee Black Sanctuary - Jacket Shein - Blouse Romwe - Bag LaModa - Shoes Yru

Cozy look with some new favorite things I got recently, for autumn I'm always into long and comfy blouses, I'm so happy I have finally a black x white one in my closet, I don't know why but I noticed I only have colorful plaid blouses :P really strange for my neutral tone soul ahahah! The bag is a lovely gift by my boyfriend 'cause he knows me well, recently I used a lot my only backpack so he took me a new one to carry around all the ridicolous amount of stuff I have always with me. Anyone interested in a what's in my bag video? I'm really tempted to do one 'cause is one of my favorite kinds of video on Youtube!

4 commenti:

  1. Love it as always, just one question. where did you get the choker? Is just too perfect!

    1. thank you very much cutie! The choker is from a random store in Takeshita Dori ;u; but I saw it also on Etsy and Storenvy!

  2. Bellissimo outfit!
    La giacca e la camicia sono dei pezzi stupendi!


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