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Casual coord from a few days ago, I'm totally in love with this top + skirt combination, lately I'm in the mood to try different styles and items I never tried before and the combination of a super casual top with a long and sheer lace skirt is something unusual for me but I like the final result! I also got recently this cool and super cheap tote bag from h&m and I think it's the perfect match with the top's print eheh, I'm always glad to find something cool in local stores for once. I'm really excited to see the next autumn/winter collections of my favorite brands 8D but at the same time I hope they won't be too amazing 'cause I'll be forever poor all winter. I totally forgot to say you can use the code "Blog15" for a 10% discount on your Dresslink order ;)

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  1. La borsa è di H&M? o_o di quale collezione parliamo? Di quanti anni fa è? ç_ç

    1. recentissima ;) l'ho presa circa 10 giorni fa!

  2. Oh my gosh that lace overlay on that skirt is gorgeous!

  3. Want to follow each other via GFC, Google Plus, and Facebook??

  4. I live your t-shirt, I have it in my wish list.


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