I'm a mermaid

Hat h&m - Dress Romwe - Necklace Missguided - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

This is a really unusual outfit for me but it's nice to add some new style pieces to my total black closet, this dress is maybe one of the very few elegant pieces I have and it's something new for me, the print reminds me the ocen and I felt like a mermaid with my blue Lockshop wig (I wish I had in my collection a blue lipstick to make a sea monster look ahah). What do you think about it? I'm not really into blue dresses but this one is so special I had to try it! I need to tighten the waist skirt  (like usual) but I really like the quality 'cause it's really soft and well done and you can wear the top and the skirt separately to make other coords! Tiny update to my boring life: I'm playing with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the old Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, if you have some cool advices for games let me know!

9 commenti:

  1. Such a cool dress. You look awesome! :)


  2. Oh, I love your outfit! You look absolutely stunning *-*

  3. I am so in love with everything! (:

  4. I really love this outfit! You look like a really beautiful mermaid <3



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