Gold gal

Hat h&m - Necklace Rock 'n rose - Top Dresslink - Skirt Evris - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Shoes Quanticlo

Sometimes I can be more girly and make a sort of elegant coord without looking too elegant ahahah I think the whole outfit is toned down thanks to the casual top which is perfect for super hot summer days. It's also the first time you see my degree present from myself to myself (lol) I bought in November, it's the large Divina bag by Vivienne Westwood, it was one of my dream bags for so long time and you can maybe understand how happy I felt when I finally had the chance to get it with my own money and for such a great occasion like my University degree, this bag is totally a piece of my heart ahah! I just noticed how much I talk about this bag in this outfit post...ops, sorry for that! If you're interested I can do a post about my bag collection!

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