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Today I introduce you to a new web store called Spark , a Slovenian store that sells jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings)! I’m sure you can find something you like because the selection will be really large (the website opened few days ago so a lot of items are not present yet, but all the things now on sale are SUPER cute) and for all the tastes! I had the chance to choose one item and I chose THIS lovely spiked bracelet, don’t you think the name “Stand up, spike up” is really cute?

 photo IMG_1982.jpg

As you can read in the website the length is adjustable, which is a really great thing ‘cause you can wear it easily and also people with large wrist can wear it without problems! It’s also really light and comfy, the color is an amazing gold/bronze which is really hard to find.

 photo IMG_1986-1.jpg

I can’t wait to see all the new items, I’m in love with this shop! This bracelet became instantly a must-have for my daily outfits, I really like it and the quality is super good! I highly recommend this store, I’m sure you will be totally satisfied with their beautiful products! And it’s also inside Europe so you don’t have to wait a lot to receive your parcel and you don’t get the hateful custom fee! You also have a WORLDWIDE free shipping  included with every order!

 photo 1-24.jpg

 photo IMG_2017-1.jpg

Headband Lockshop – T-shirt Glavil – Necklace Bershka – Shoes Taobao – Bracelet Spark

Yesterday’s outfit! I love to coordinate white clothes with gold accessories *_*!

In my sidebar you can find the banner with a 20% discount on your purchase! Don’t forget to use it :D let me know what do you think of them!

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  1. E' molto carino :D! Ultimamente ho imparato ad amare la bigiotteria color bronzo, è perfetta per outfit più tranquilli da tutti i giorni e dà un'effetto anche più originale, secondo me.
    Bello anche l'outfit, la maglietta oversize pare fatta apposta per quelle sneakers :D

    1. grazie millissime ♥♥♥ anche io fino a poco tempo fa non amavo il bronzo e sopportavo poco anche l'oro (tranne nel lolita) ma mi sono totalmente ricreduta! Adesso devo assolutamente acquistare altri accessori *v*

    2. Anche l'oro è qualcosa con cui ho fatto pace recentemente XD! Prima ero tutta arricciamenti di naso e "non è abbastanza ALTERNATIVO" X°D adesso invece mi sembrano alternative originali al solito argento. :D

    3. verissimo XD anche io avevo gli stessi identici pensieri!

  2. I love it! It's really cute and seems to suit anyone's style. I also checked the shop out and omg it's awesome! I saw a lot of stuff I would want for myself. A great web store for sure, thanks for the review! :D

  3. The spiked bracelets are sooo cute and awww you look so amazing, your outfit is awesome!! <3

    恵美より ♥


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