Summer outfits and some daily life

I’m really sorry I didn’t post as usual in these days, I was sick and also nothing really interesting happened in the past weeks, but I would like to share my last outfits! Maybe I’m the only one who hates summer not only for the fucking hot weather but 'cause I’m always really busy with my exams, I also worked a little (extra money ….I just spent them, lol) and did a lot of commissions for my family, I hadn’t many chances to go out with friends and it’s really strange every summer is always the same XD (and the next week I’ll start to work to my new cosplay’s weapons….I would like days with more than 24 hoursXD).

 photo IMG_2000.jpg

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Heaband, bag, shoes, over lace skirt taobao – Top nike (lol) – Pink skirt Terranova – Chocker Lady Macbeth (etsy) – Necklace h&m

I wore this outfit for a little break with my friends, we went to a nearby city to buy mangas *otaku mode*, it’s nothing really special but with 40° I hadn't the courage to make something with more accessories, layers or heavy make - up XD my eyes are also really tired for too much study *sadness*.  I received in my other accounts a lot of questions about my “skirt”,  they are two different ones, I only wore the lace one over the pink one!

 photo cats-35.jpg

Food porn as usual.

 photo IMG_2035.jpg

 photo IMG_2056.jpg

Yesterday finally we went out all together after a long time, we went to the usual comic shop  but it was closed  and then to our favorite bar... that is was closed too T.T so we went to a nearby bar, the more nearby possible lol, ‘cause it was super hot and we absolutely wanted something to drink.

 photo 2013-08-17192403.jpg

This picture with Chiara was snapped by my boyfriend while we went to the station, we didn’t know he took a picture of us XD I found it really cute, we seem like little sisters with the same backpack, colorful hair and blackxwhite outfit *u*.

 photo IMG_2051.jpg

 photo IMG_2052.jpg

 photo IMG_2048.jpg

Cap Ebay – T-shirt, skirt Glavil – Shoes, bag taobao – Necklace Monomania 

I know the outfit is really really similar to the one in the previous post, but I enjoy so much wearing white outfits and I’m so in love with my new clothes! Maybe you noticed my hair became green and I also cutted them a bit, now all the split ends are gone and I can't wait to have super long hair again after so much time, I will not bleaching them again so I'm very hopeful!
  I will show you in a new haul post with all things I bought during this period asap, now I’m waiting for 7 parcels (mostly very little stuff from ebay) so you need to have a little patience to see all the new things!

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  1. Quelle due gonne sovrapposte sono una meraviglia *A*! L'outfit è molto dolce e estivo <3
    Che belli che siete tutti insieme, in particolare stimo molto il tuo amico che con quaranta gradi non rinuncia alla camicia, al gilet e al pantalone lungo XD! Questo sì che è avere stile ù_u

    1. awww grazie millissime *___* ❤

      lui ha davvero una gran sopportazione per essere sempre perfetto XD io non ce la farei proprio a mettere tutti quegli strati in piena estate!

  2. lovely outfits :) you & your friends are so fashionable ^-^

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  4. I love the look! And again: Your blue hair suits you so great! :)
    Sme day I will buy myself this backpack, I love it so much! *^*

    * Wonderland gone mad *

    1. thank you so much sweetie ❤ I hope you can get it *_*

  5. I really like your outfits (and I always admire your stylish friends, too) but I'm sooo jealous - DAT BACKPACK! i want this one so much for so long omg *-*

    I'd like to invite you to participate in my giveaway - check it out if you want to ;)


    1. thank you very much *u* I will check your giveaway!

  6. lovely outfits and yummy food xD

  7. That skirt you got from Taobao looks incredibly adorable!

  8. I really love your first outfit, it's so cute :) Your friends cross skirt is amazing too!

  9. Love the white outfit. Its very cool. <3

  10. Those outfits are really stylish *-* I love your hair together with the spiked cap! <3

  11. Oh really cute and lovely pics. All your outfits are veryy pretty and dolly.
    I love it the Lilac skirt.

  12. awesome outfits! the pink skirt is so lovely♥

  13. Perfect outfits ♥ ♥ *__________*


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