Tutorial: Dolly eye make up

This is my first eye makeup tutorial! I thought about it so many times and after many requests I decided to try ^^ I wear a lot of different make ups so if you have some questions or you want a different tutorial let me know, I’ll do my best to make it! I cannot make a video but I hope the pictures will be enough to make you understand  ^^

 photo 1-23.jpg

1° Apply a shimmery natural pink eye shadow over the whole lid. I used “Sin” from Urban Decay ( Naked 1), but obviously you can use whatever you want, I added the products only in case you wanted to know ^^!

 photo 2-21.jpg

2° Apply in the inner and outer corner a brown eye shadow. I used Darkhorse from Urban Decay.

 photo 3-11.jpg

3° Apply the same brown eye shadow in the lower eyelid (except the most inner part of it).

 photo 4-8.jpg

4° Apply a gold eye shadow in the beginning of your lower eyelid. I used Half Baked from Urban Decay.

 photo 5-4.jpg

5° Apply a thin liner with black eye liner, I used “Eyeliner precisione” from Deborah.

 photo 6-2.jpg

6° Apply a pink-reddish blush really near the eyes. I used MAC blush in Dolly mix.

 photo 7-2.jpg

7° And lastly apply your favorite upper and lower false eye lashes, I used Angel eye from Diamond Lash for the upper part, and a cheap pair from ebay for the lower part. Don’t forget to add them before the mascara and curling your own eye lashes! (mine are so straight that nothing can curl them ahahah).

 photo IMG_1628.jpg

And the final look! It’s really easy to do and it suits a lot of different styles!

 photo IMG_1615.jpg

 photo IMG_1620.jpg

Headband Taobao – Choker Lady Macbeth – Dress Liz Lisa – Over skirt, shoes, bag Taobao

And lastly the outfit! I’m sorry I didn’t share it earlier, but I thought it was cute to add it in this post! I also wanted to apologize for my blog being closed for a day, but there was a problem with photobucket who deleted temporary all pictures D:.

I really hope you liked this tutorial, concrits are really welcome! Let me know what you think about it!

8 commenti:

  1. Carino, questo trucco <3! E' perfetto con quel tipo di outfit. Tra l'altro per fortuna ho una Naked e dovrei essere in grado di reperire tutti i colori ha hai usato :D
    Lo proverò presto <3 grazie di averlo postato!

    1. sono contenta che ti piace ♥ gli ombretti sono tutti nella Naked 1 *u* lo puoi rifare identico!

  2. uhaaaa!! thank you for this tutorial! :D
    gonna try it out! <3

    1. I'm really happy you liked it dear *___* ♥

  3. che bel tutorial *^* io ho le ciglia finte ma devo decidermi a comprare della colla decente T__T

    1. nei negozi è difficile trovarne una buona, se riesci prendi la Duo che è una delle migliori ♥

  4. Your make-up is so nice, thanks for sharing it! You are so cute! :)


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