Review: Lockshop Mermaid Aurora

When the new lockshop wigs came out, I fell in love with a lot of them but I couldn't afford an order, so after some time me and my friends organized a collective order to avoid the shipping fee so I finally took one of my favorites, the Mermaid Aurora! Even thou the wigs came out one month ago nobody made a review of the new Mermaid altered version (which are really cheap compared to the rest!), so I decided to make a new review to show you how it looks!

 photo IMG_1653.jpg

You can find a lot of informations why this wig is sold for a cheap price:
“Because this product has flaws, we have put it up for a reduced price. The milk-tea fibers are less opaque than darker colored fibers, which may cause wefts or "tracks" to be visible when worn. This is mostly an issue with the back part of the wig, and the problem, if it appears, can usually be fixed by using a blow dryer on low heat and brushing other fibers in that direction to cover it up and "set".  This issue does not occur in the majority of the wigs, and can also be caused by the scalp that is too "tight", this can also cause bumps in the hair by wefts that are pulled the wrong way. If you see that as a problem, leave the wig out of the packaging, ideally on a wig head or a wig stand, for at least 24 hours for the scalp to relax. This will solve the bumps in the wefts and usually also the wefts showing through.”

 photo IMG_1656.jpg

After an accurate check I didn’t notice something wrong in my wig, I found it really good as the other Lockshop wigs I have! The quality is super good as usual, the wig is so soft and the colors are really delicate, the pink and purple blending really well with the blonde part! 

 photo IMG_1679.jpg

Also the scalp look exactly like the other wigs I have, totally natural and it seems like a real scalp XD and also it’s enough large to hold my long hair! I’m sure nobody will notice you are wearing a wig even if the color is really special and unusual.

 photo IMG_1670-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1664.jpg

Choker Lady Macbeth – Dress, headband, tights, shoes taobao (lol)

I’m in love with these soft curls, am I the only one who likes this mermaid style more than the previous one ? I think it suits better my face shape ahah!
The bangs was super long so I had to style it before wearing the wig, but maybe if you have a high forehead you won’t have this problem (but if you want to take the wig with a regular bangs it’s necessary to cut it).

18 commenti:

  1. such a pretty wig :) it looks really cute on you

  2. What lovely colours *__* Looks amazing!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. You look so wonderful, the wig really doesn't look like it's a wig!

    Gen |

  4. WOW this wig looks great! so pretty *___*

    thanks so much for the review. :3

  5. It's a gorgeos wig, I have seen it irl yesterday when a friend wore it. Great colors ^^ And it looks good on you, and I lvoe your outfit ♥

  6. Sono sempre stata un pò scettica con le parrucche, ho paura mi facciano troppo caldo, ma l'effetto è bellissimo!
    Credo me ne comprerò una di lockshop quando andrò a Londra, giusto per provare!

    1. sono tanto curiosa di sapere quale prenderai *u* d'inverno poi tengono davvero al calduccio, d'estate sono abbastanza insopportabili XD

  7. Oh really lovely wig is really cute!
    The dress is very dolly!

  8. Love the pastel hair!

    Maddy @

  9. You are looking so pretty wearing this wig and this wig is looking so natural. Wigs helps woman to look more stylish and beautiful by styled hair nicely. Wigs are the best solution that makes you feel like you have the perfect hair. I also love to wear stylish wigs. I buy all my wigs from online store Elevate Styles. They have good collection of stylish wigs.


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