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It’s time to make a new haul post! I can say I bought a little too much during the past months XD firstly I ordered these three beauties from Ghost of Harlem because I really needed something new for the summer and I also received as a present this fabulous Glad News boots from my boyfriend I felt really guilty XD because I realized only half of my my little spring wish list and I made a new big order with pastel clothes I totally didn’t except to make ahahah (but you know, when you want something and you have some money…you forget all of your plans). Sooo let’s start with the things I needed and were in my wish list:

 photo IMG_1190-1.jpg

Francesco Milano sandals, I found them luckily like two months ago on ebay for half of their original price so I decided to take them! The quality is really good and I love all the little spikes and chains details!

 photo IMG_1392.jpg

Lush hair masks. I don’t know their English names ‘cause they are totally different in Italian, but they are (I think) the only two masks for dry hair and I can say they are the best hair products I ever tried! Finally my hair are super soft and not dry and ugly like straw XD. I hope to try new products from Lush when I’ll have the opportunity!

 photo IMG_1529-1.jpg

Candy Stripper replica shoes. I’m not a pro-replica person, if I find something original I surely buy it but this pair of shoes are so impossible to find also on auction so I decided to take them on taobao because I really love the model (also they have been not available in Candy stripper's site for so long so I don’t think I damaged them XD and in the future if I will find the original one I’ll buy them)

 photo cats-32.jpg

Finished the list of needed things I’ll start the one full of things I didn’t need XD *coff. 
Firstly I did some shopping at the local store Terranova and I found a lot of cute things but I decided to take only the mint t-shirt because it reminds me a lot a model from Listen Flavor and I haven’t something in this color in my closet, it was  really cheap! The skirt was a lovely gift by my boyfriend *_*.

 photo IMG_1401.jpg

I also bought from h&m a cheap crossed print dress! There were a lot of things with the same print also in different colors!

 photo IMG_1551.jpg

I ordered a bunch of new tights from ebay and taobao! I know the summer is here but I cannot resist , I’m sure will use them a lot in the next autumn!

 photo IMG_1527.jpg

I also bought over lace skirt for cult party kei outfits from taobao! I found so many lace things there it’s really hard to chose only a few things! It’s really similar to the skirts from Etsuna Otsuka!

 photo IMG_1531.jpg

One of my favorite last purchases is this dress with cats and crosses! You know I LOVE cats and crosses and when I saw it I couldn't resist buying it! I’m not really sure but it’s maybe a replica from E Hyphen world. Please dear autumn came back soon, I need to wear this lovely dress soon T_T.

 photo IMG_1534-1.jpg

I also bought two cheap headbands with roses on taobao, I’m sure I will use them in a lot of differents outfits!

 photo IMG_1394.jpg

For makeup I bought a cheap set of lower lashes from ebay for around 1,50 euro XD they’re really good and I didn’t expect this! I waited like three weeks but I’m really happy I bought them and saved so many money! The Too Faced blush was a present from my mum, we had a huge Sephora discount so we decided to make a little shopping there and for me I chose only this blush (my mother went crazy and bought the impossible XD), the quality is so good and I love the color, a lovely pink shade with some little gold glitters! The coral nail polish was a present from my bf’s sister, I didn’t own everything in this color and I’m really curious to try it! I also bought a new mint kiko nail polish (n.389), a kiko stick eyeshadow (n.11) and a lip tint from essence in color hot red (which isn’t so red when you wear it).

 photo IMG_1535.jpg

A new wig! The color is ash blonde also if it’s really hard to see well in my picture.

 photo IMG_1541.jpg

And for last after 7 months without buying lolita dresses thanks to my boyfriend’s help I had the opportunity to take one of my big lolita wishes, the Vampire requiem jsk! I tried to take it 3 fucking times after his first release but every time it went badly, I’m super happy to finally have this beauty in my hands after so long time!

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  1. we we!!! ma come fai a reggere il peso psicologico di tanti acquisti???? :D sono bellissimi..... vogliamo parlare del vestito h&m??? adesso ha aperto ad Ancona e sabato ci vado <3 voglio quel vestito!
    il matitone Kiko com'è? L'hai provato?

    1. ahahahah è uno stress stare dietro allo shopping online XD però mi piace troppo! Prendilo assolutamente l'abito di h&m, costa poco e li vale davvero tutti! Il matitone è a dir poco OTTIMO, mi dura tutto il giorno e il colore è super brillante :P

    Io vorrei tantissimo le gonne corsettate, nera o rossa, una delle due, non m'importa, comunque sono troppo belle, agh ;__; quell'abito è un'assoluta meraviglia.
    Anche la parrucca è molto carina <3 e i cerchielli con le rose sono davvero adorabili.
    Anch'io sto cercando un paio di sandali come quelli che hai preso, neri, semplici e con borchiette/catenine XD ce ne sono, ma in giro li vendono a prezzi un po' altini per i miei gusti, per essere striscette di pelle con due borchine sopra XD
    Belli Capelli l'avevo regalata una volta alla mamma del mio ragazzo, anche lei ne era rimasta molto soddisfatta <3 dev'essere buona, anche se boh, io non mi sono mai trovata bene coi prodotti Lush ''XD

    1. prendilo assolutamente il vampire requiem T____T te lo vedrei benissimo ♥! Quanto posso capirti per i sandali, anche qui li vendono a prezzi davvero alti per questo mi sono buttata su ebay!
      Non ti sei trovata bene con i prodotti Lush?? Io ne ho provati comunque pochi ma mi sono trovata bene con tutti!

  3. The dress with cats and crosses!!! ♥ Where did you bought it, taobao?
    I love it alot, I want to see a nice outfit photo of it :D
    And the tights look awesome, the ones on the very left is my favourite ^^

    And yay, vampire requiem, in red ♥♥♥ You finally have it :D

    1. thank you so much dear ♥♥♥♥ *_* yes the cat and crosses dress is from taobao!

  4. Totally in love with the floral headbands! o___o <3 I've been wanting something like that for so long, but never gotten around actually buying it. D:
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  5. omg so many nice gets *______*

  6. everything is so pretty :) I love all the tights and the Cult Party Kei skirt and dress. Lush is one of my favourite places to shop hehe

    1. thank you *_* I'm glad you like them ♥

  7. Mi piace tutto tantissimo, anche io un mesetto ho preso la stessa gonna da Terranova, è davvero adorabile <3

    1. sono contenta che ti piace tutto >w< ♥

  8. so cute! i loved the tights and the dresses! <3

  9. Just wow! You got so many things, it's impressive! Congrats for getting Vampire Requiem *_*
    I would love to own it in red as well but long version!

    1. thank you so much ♥♥♥ I hope you can get it too *___*

  10. L'ultimo vestito è veramente bellissimo ♥

  11. I love those shoes. I would like same.
    Lovely post.

    bai, Shiki


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