Review: Eos Adult blue circle lens

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New circle lens review, this time sponsored by my favorite shop LoveShoppingholics (if you forgot to read my two previous reviews about their service and lenses check them!), I was not compensated in any way with this review, all my opinions wrote here are my own honest appraisals of the lenses and their service! I was able to choose a pair from all their collection so I decided to take my first light blue lenses, EOS Adult blue circle lens.

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I always love their care about the packaging, you will receive your lenses in a cute gift box in their little bottles and a super cute animal case! I also received a lovely letter with the advice to put the lenses in my solution for 8 hours before wearing them, it’s really important to do that ^^!

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Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
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My natural color is brown and I’m always searching for natural lenses that can cover my own color, this pair is really good and it gives a great and natural light color to my dark eyes! I love this color because is not the classic light blue, it seems a mix between blue and purple! They are also really comfortable, which for me is the most important thing ‘cause my eyes are really sensible. I’m really satisfied with this lenses, they have all the things I want and they’re also available with prescription (like mine!).

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Color 5/5: The color is really special, I didn’t see something similar from other blue lenses!
Design 4/5: the design is really classic, but it blends really well my dark eyes especially in real life.
Enlargement 3/5: the diameter is little, perfect for little eyes like mine and for natural look.
Comfort 5/5: they’re really comfortable, I highly recommend them if you have sensible eyes.

-          Really great and special color
-          Super comfortable
-          Perfect for natural look
-          Available with prescription

-          Not apt for who is searching a big enlargement effect

15 commenti:

  1. Oh wow! They are beautiful and suit you very well!

  2. I love the colour, it really does make you look like you have blue eyes :) it would be better if they were a big bigger but they look really lovely and natural.

  3. I've been wanting these lenses for so long! They look great on you<3

    1. thank you very much sweetie *_* ♥ take them!

  4. I really love the colour! The look so good on you!

  5. This is very cute, and the packaging is super cute too :D

  6. I really like the color! And it looks good on you ♥

  7. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  8. Ahh they are so pretty and suit you very well ^-^ I like that they blend so well and are still so light >~< I have very little eyes too so of course I'm searching for contacts that enlarge the eyes but I can't seem to find any good ones ._. Do you know any that have this effect??

    1. thank you! You can find all my circle lenses reviews clicking on the upper part on my blog, I hope it helps ♥


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