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After a long week full of exams I could finally spend some time with my friends! It has been long time since the last pic-nic I did, so we decided to organize one before the summer-hell (it has arrived….I don’t know how I'll survive XD), my friends and me decided to dress up all in Lolita after a month, because you know this kind of activity are better when you dress up in a cute way ahah! 

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Dress Alice and the Pirates – Crown Reliquia ArcanaRoses offrband – Necklace Fernopaa – Tights Calzedonia – Shoes Taobao – Cuffs Btssb

I wore my beauty and the rose promise after so long, the dress is gorgeous but I’m always afraid when I wash it, the material is really strange and every time I’m scared to ruin it! The crown was made by my friend Nicola who is super talented in making accessories for gothic style, check his page to see more creations!

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Don’t you think the location is really cute? It’s Chieti’s manor, my university is in the same city but I didn’t see this fabulous place until this occasion XD *shame of me*, it’s a perfect place for a pic-nic! It was really hard to find but luckily we also had a good place covered by trees!

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We ate a lot XD everyone prepared a bento for himself but also prepared something to share with the others, we were full of sweets and so many other things it was impossible to eat everything! You can see in my pictures the caos of our food XD

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And we had also wine lol

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Thanks to Nicola we had also the opportunity to take a hot tea (he brought a lot of things XD like a little table and everything to heat the water for the tea)! I’m a big lover of tea and I have a huge collection of teas from UK and super rare ones to find in Italy so I took a bunch with me to share with my friends *u*.

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Some group pictures! We saw some days ago THIS ridiculous video so we decided to make very little version of it XD and we also filmed it with my Vine app (do you have it? It’s really funny! My nick is Federica Hyrule)

And also made another stupid video with Chiara

Ok, this post was really really long, I hope I didn’t annoy you with so many pictures and stupid videos XD!

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  1. You look amazing ♥ I love your outfit, and that crown! The weather is also very warm here, too hot to do anything haha xD

    1. thank you very much dear ♥♥♥ summer is always too hot T_T I hate it!

  2. your outfit is amazing! & the picpic looks really awesome! I'm going to a cosplay picpic in a few days, I'm exited! ^v^

    1. thank youuu *u* it's always nice to do a pic-nic!

  3. n'awwwww picnics are the best! You all look adorable and i love the crown too!

  4. I love your outfit! *w*

    xo, Shiki


  5. hahaha
    You are so cute omg!! <3 perfect model as I already said on twitter :x <3
    The group picture is sooooo cute! especially the "little" girl there awww :D
    The tiny videos are nice too xD hahah shake your body and dress ~

    and the food ;3; I've seen some onigiri!! right?! omg Dx

    1. thank you so much dear ♥♥♥ you're always so kind çOç *hug*

      Yes there were some onigiri *_* everything was yummy!

  6. Il tuo vestito è una meraviglia assoluta (d'altronde, Alice and the Pirates... u_u) e con le calze di pizzo nero e le mary janes è un amore <3. Comunque siete tutti bellissimi ;D e il vostro picnic sembra estremamente appetitoso ;ç;

    1. grazie millissime ♥♥ sono contenta che ti piace *u* Aatp è in assoluto una delle mie brand preferite, anche se dovrei smetterla di comprare abiti rossi ahahah XD

  7. your outfit looks so pretty.
    your group is lovely bttw:3


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