3° Harajuku fashion walk Pescara

Hi dears!
Monday I finally received the fashion walk pictures from our official photographer, I'm really sorry I didn't post them the same day because I was really busy with my first summer exam (I did it today and luckly it went well!), in the next days I will have another exam so I think I will not sleep and have time for anything ahah but...I'm -4 exams to my degree and I'm obviously really happy! Let's start with my outfit pictures:

 photo 425350_589284767770907_1910126820_n.jpg

 photo 946620_589302154435835_767182394_n.jpg

 photo 972013_589302574435793_1649724578_n.jpg

Roses offbrand - Cardigan JSKlondon - Dress Liz Lissa - Choker Lady Macbeth - Tights, shoes, bag Taobao

I didn't buy anything for this outfit, everything was alreayd in my closet so I felt so damn stupid when I realized I had a totally new outfit! It was my first attempt to cult party kei, I really like this style but I don't know if it suits me well...let me know what you think! And then some street and group pictures:

 photo 936920_589289494437101_933070320_n.jpg

 photo 969789_589292951103422_1492140138_n.jpg

 photo 969558_589291267770257_1763562153_n.jpg

 photo 603060_589294907769893_1391133261_n.jpg

 photo 383558_589311561101561_814071602_n.jpg

 photo 946557_589311584434892_1200259002_n.jpg
With my lovely cult party kei sister *u*

I really enjoy this kind of event, it's a nice chance to meet new friend who share with you the same love for japanese fashions and also to take inspirations! I fel in love with so many different outfits *_*! We were also really lucky because the weather prediction had rain all the day...and it was sunny and really warm, a perfect day for a walk!

And lastly you cannot miss the video! I hope you like it!

There were over 150 pictures so if you want to see all of them check this link!

20 commenti:

  1. Uha you are soooo beautiful! <3
    Your very own Harajuku Fashion Walk is so cool ;3;

  2. Love that there were so many different styles. Your outfit is pretty♥

  3. bellissimo outfit mor *^* <3 adoro quella borsa çwç chissà se ne faranno una a coniglio XD

    1. grazie millissime >w< spero che la prossima volta riuscirai ad esserci!

  4. Love your look. I find these pictures so inspiring!

  5. Wow, you look amazing dear ♥♥♥ And it's always fun if you're able to create a new outfit with clothing you already had :D I think this outfit looks good on you, and with such warm weather it's nice to have a light outfit which is less hot! I liked the video, everyone looks so good! How often do you have a Harajuku fashion walk?

    1. thank you so much dear ♥♥♥ you're always too kind! We organize the fashion walks every 3 months!

  6. Your outfit was awesome, I am so in love with it *_*

  7. You look amazing!!! All of you look great. It's so cool that you guys set this up, I would love to do something similar over here in the UK

    1. thank you very much *__* ♥ I hope you'll organize the same event in the UK!

  8. great pictures and great outfits <3

  9. Amazing look and pics!!!
    Would you like to follow each oth

  10. YOUR HAIR *___* SO beautiful!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. it's a wig but thank you very much anyway *u* ♥


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