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Summer has arrived also in Italy, I’m not a fan of summer as you know because is always too damn hot here, but in this period the weather is “ok” so I don't suffer when I dress up or I wear a wig XD I spent most of my days relaxing with my boyfriend or going out! I also had the opportunity to eat out a lot and tried some new plates, yay! My little holidays gave me also time to cook something after a long time XD I’m not really happy to start studying again very soon…

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I also had some time to wash most of my wigs yay! I don’t understand why there are some people (cosplayers or not) that NEVER wash their wigs….after a convention day I always put everything I wore to wash ahahah maybe I can explain this way why every time I go to a convention I feel such a disgusting smell also if it’s morning and the convention just opened :°D.

Cap ebay – T-shirt Bershka – Belt Jennyfer – Skirt ACDC rag – Tights ebay – Shoes taobao

Simple outfit from the past days, the first time I was able to wear this t-shirt I bought during winter time XD the cap is a new coming in my closet and I LOVE it!
I’m really happy these days because I’m waiting for three parcels *u* I cannot resist anymore to have my new things in my hands, I’m also thinking about doing a eye makeup tutorial ‘cause some of you asked me for it, also if I find my daily makeup really boring XD but I would like to make something more colorful and special so I hope to do it soon!

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  1. I'm also washing my wigs, I mean, you sweat under it and such.... xDD
    You look great!!

    BTW, I don't know where in Italy you live, but in 6 weeks I'll spend my holidays in Rome and I wanted to ask if you know some great shops I could visit there ^__^ <3

    1. thank youu ♥♥

      I live a bit far away from Rome but I know a lot oh shops! Let me know what kind of shops do you like ♥

    2. I'd be interested in any shops with Anime/Manga stuff and alternative and vintage / romantic clothing ^___^
      Thank you <33

    3. There are a lot of comics shop :D you can find here all of them with their adresses

      For the clothing I don't really know but in the center there are so many clothes shops I'm sure you will find something beautiful!

  2. Awesome outfit, I love that cap alot!
    And the food pics look so good, you're maing me hungry :p

  3. i have to admit that I almost never wash my wigs... well, I don't wear them that often or for a very long time... xD

    and your outfit is really cool, I love especially the cap, it's that kind of thing I would never wear myself but I admire it on other people

  4. this outfit is so cool! OMG
    you look so beautiful and cool!
    The skirt is super cute! <3

  5. Ma che bello il uo outfit!!! ♥

  6. your outfit is so cute. I have that hat too :D
    I hope that you enjoy your summer off!

  7. I love your skirt.
    Really cute.

    xo, Shiki

  8. Ciao Federica! ^^
    Grazie per essere passata dal mio blog! ^^
    Mi sono aggiunta ai tuoi lettori fissi!!! ^^

    1. grazie mille ♥ non vedo l'ora di leggere tutte le tue nuove ricette *_*

  9. La t-shirt mi fa impazzire, spero di trovarla anche io!

    1. sono contenta che ti piace >w< spero che riuscirai a trovarla!


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