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I wanted a full set of extension hair for so long and thanks to some selling I finally got them! I bought my set from HairTrade, the shop is located in the UK, the prices are really good and cheaper than other shops so I didn't miss the chance to get them, but remember there is always the damned paypal and when I paid them unluckily it costed me more than the price showed in the shop ( for the full set + shipping paypal took me other 8 euro so check carefully your money before the payment!). Then... The postman leaved me a ticket with the writing “your package is too big you need to go to the post office to retire it”, I was shocked and angry because it’s normal for Italian post to do things like this without a reason so I went to the post office with the intention to do a angry scene with an operator because it’s impossible that a package that weights 130 gr was too big for the postman. 
When I retired the parcel I understood everything XD

 photo IMG_1438-1.jpg

They shipped the set in a loooooong cartoon package so your extensions won’t be damaged, I didn’t expect such an accurate packaging, and my cat Arturo liked it very much XD.

 photo IMG_1134-1.jpg

I chose the full set  I&K Clip in StraightHair P18/22 ( length 22 inches, the most long available in the website) because it seemed to match perfectly my hair color but indeed it’s a lot more ash than it was in the picture (sincerely totally something different XD) , but I really like the color anyway, I also corrected my own color and made it really similar to the extensions one, now I’m waiting to make a pastel gradient  :D

 photo IMG_1132.jpg

The set is composed by 10 clips in pieces with 18 clips attached, plus 2 pieces without clips and you can cover all the head with this set, the result is very natural, I love them! Now I wanted to see how this set will last but for now I’m sure I will by again from Hairtrade :D the quality is amazing, I highly recommend them!

My giveaway ended the past night and the lucky winner is....Tilly Garcia!
Congratulations *v*!
For all who didn't win: don't worry, I will organize a new giveaway asap 'cause a lot of girls in my tumblr asked for a givaway for who hasn't got a FB account, let me know if you have some ideas and I'll try to make you happy *w*!

7 commenti:

  1. Quando ho ordinato una parrucca di Bodyline di recente me l'hanno inviata in un cono lunghissimo, così che i capelli rimanessero stesi :D è un bene che lo facciano, così la parrucca non prende pieghe strane.
    Comunque secondo me queste extension hanno un bel colore, anche se magari non era quello che cercavi ''XD

    1. mi fa piacere sapere che bodyline spedisce così *u* almeno si può stare tranquilli! Il colore mi piace moltissimo e sono riuscita ad ottenere quasi la stessa identica tonalità, sarà un pò difficile da mantenere purtroppo essendo piuttosto grigiastra XD ahah

  2. They are looking pretty good!!
    Can't wait to see them on your head! <3

  3. wow! they look amazing. The colour is gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for posting up this review, I'll be looking for some extensions over summer so I'll definitely check out HairTrade! :D


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