Bf's birthday and luna park!

A simple post with my last outfits and daily life, unfortunately I spent most of my time studying at home so I don’t have interesting things to share with you, but the 26th May there will be our third inspired Harajuku Fashion walk I can’t wait to spend a lovely day with my friends and make some new ones *v* ( but…I don’t know what to wear XD).

Simple outfit with my Super Lovers jacket, I love it so much but it’s really hard to coordinate this blue shade, I’m always afraid to make a very bad outfit with it XD I also bought two different blue tights to go with it but the colors are always too different, sob!

 photo IMG_1223.jpg

 photo IMG_1229-1.jpg

Horns Kreepsville – Chocker Ghost of Harlem – Jacket Super Lovers – Skirt Glavil – Tights Ebay – Boots Bodyline

It was also my boyfriend’s birthday this Friday so we celebrated it with his friends at home! The cake was so lovely, I was so sad  beeing not able to eat it T_T

 photo IMG_1248.jpg
Isn’t super lovely?

I took the inspiration for this outfit from Amihamu who wore a lot of different coordinates in red x purple, I didn’t think of an outfit with these two colors before but they work very well together, I really like the final result! I love to check Japanese blogs and tumblrs, I find so many inspirations *v*.

 photo IMG_1240-1.jpg

  photo IMG_1245.jpg

Necklace, Poncho, Skirt Glavil – Tights Avantgarde – Boots Jeffrey Campbell – Accessories Kreepsville

Friday and Saturday I had two different medical visits T_T but I didn’t want to spend another weekend at home so I decided to go out with my friends also if it was later than my usual and luckily Chiara invited all of us at her home for dinner *u* so I had the chance to stay with them more time than the usual! We went to Ikea ‘cause Grazia searched for something new for her home, I only bought some sweets XD as usual.

 photo IMG_1255.jpg

Ribbons Kreepsville - Dress Uniqlo x Milk - Tights, shoes, bag taobao - Necklace Cute can Kill

My outfit was really simple because, as I already wrote, before the meeting I went to a medical visit, but I like it anyway! The weather becomes warmer day by day, I’m a bit afraid we will reach summer's temperature in a few days XD I don’t want it!

 photo ikea.jpg
Random pictures inside the Ikea

Then we went to Ortona to Chiara’s house, the dinner was super yummy and we ate a lot XD

 photo IMG_1534.jpg

Group picture during the dinner!

After the dinner we also went around Ortona because it was holiday and there were a lot of people in the centre, we also went to the itinerant luna park and went for some rides…it was a very bad idea XD because we had wigs and skirts….during THIS one of my friends fell down and she dragged me too XD I was so afraid everyone saw my underpants I crawled to the opposite side XD you can imagine how hilarious the scene was!

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  1. Oddio il tagadà XDDD quanti ricordi della pubertà... la musica a palla, i tamarri in piedi, I LIVIDI che mi ritrovavo dopo XD e il terrore di perdere la presa e precipitare dall'altro lato... ahaha XD
    Comunque mi piacciono molto gli ultimi due outfits, in particolare l'ultimo <3 è molto sweettoso, magari è semplice però è carinissimo :D

    1. anche io mi sono riempita di lividi ovunque ahahah posso dire che non ho più l'età per fare queste cose XD! Grazie millissime per i complimenti *v* ♥

  2. ...l'oufit da compleanno mi piace TANTISSIMO! ♥

  3. Congratulations with your boyfriend!
    And do you already know what outfit will be wearing for the Harajuku Fashion walk? I look forward to see the photo's already ^^ I like all of your outfits, but I think I like the last one the most ♥ Always so creative eith your outfits, awesome!

    1. thank you very much dear *_* ♥ I still don't know what to wear for the Fashion Walk ç_ç argh!

  4. you always look so super lovely ^-^

  5. omfg!! the last outfit is sooooo pretty! *___*
    the dress is so cute <3 you are so beautiful <3

  6. I love your last outfit! it's sooooo pretty :)

  7. Your look with the Uniqlo ribbon dress was pure love, I am so in love with it *__*

  8. Che bella **
    Mi piace molto il tuo stile :3

  9. That cake is just stunning, and I love your flame tights.
    Your name is Hyrule so I am gonna assume you're a Zelda fan? *hi-five* I wonder when they're gonna bring out a Zelda game for Wii U.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. thank you very much *v* yay I'm a big Zelda fan! I can't wait for the next game ♥♥♥


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