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Yesterday I went out for lunch with my boyfriend, Sarah and Arsenio to a mall a bit far from our towns because in it there are a lot of different shops we can't find here and also Sarah never saw it before! Unluckily I didn’t find something good so I bought only a new bra I really needed and a purple nail polish ( I noticed in my “little” collection I didn’t have a real purple one ahah), but firstly we went to the chinese restaurant in the second floor of the mall. They have a lot of different yummy plates so I’m always really happy to eat there!

 photo IMG_1498.jpg

 photo IMG_1499-1.jpg

The thing I really needed to buy is a new bra with the X braces because I recently received my new parcel with the summer dresses and I noticed all of them have this braces shape, I don’t really like to show my underwear so a special bra for them was totally necessary (and it was also really hard to find °_°), the only bad thing is I hate to spend many money for simple underwear XD.

 photo IMG_1500.jpg

Sarah and me did some weird poses in the bathroom XD.

We went around the stores for many hours but ALL the items were so ugly and cheap, sometimes I find something really cute in local stores but maybe the spring/summer collections are really bad this year….luckily I bought some summer dresses online, I didn’t know how I could deal with summer without something cute to wear ahah!


Vest Pull&Bear – Dress Glavil – Choker Ghost of Harlem – Tights Glad News – Bag Armani jeans – Boots Jeffrey Campbell

And lastly my outfit! Maybe someone of you will recognize the wig, I decided to straight it and now I like it more than when it was curled, sometimes it’s nice to totally restyle a wig, it’s like you have a new wig without spending money XD I would like to buy so many new wigs in this moment but summer is near and I cannot use them during the hot season :( I don’t know what to do.

Today I will stay at home with my boyfriend because I feel like shit XD the last episode of American Masterchef will entertain us! I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend dear reader!

4 commenti:

  1. The wig looks perfect with both styles! Love your outfit too!

    I am kinda addicted to nailpolishes now @_@ everytime I go to the drugstore and see all those colors...

    1. thank you very much dear ♡♡♡ *_*

      It's impossible to resist when there are so many beautiful nail polishes!

  2. Your outfit is really nice, I love the wig in this way!
    And yum, stop posting japanese food photos, I want to eat some too T_T


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