Busy days

I started studying very hard again for my next exam so I think I'm going to post a bit less than my usual, I’m really sorry about that, I hope you understand it! This year I will graduate, I only have 5 other big exams to do so my energy will be absorbed by the study in the next months T_T I can’t wait to finish the university! This is a little resume of what I did in my last week with my daily life and my outfits!

Tuesday I accompanied my boyfriend to a medic visit and we took the chance to go to lunch with Grazia and her husband Maurizio, we went to a local really cheap chinese restaurant and we ate a lot XD every chance is good to spam some food pictures!

 photo food1.jpg

 photo food2.jpg

Thursday I went for lunch to Grazia’s house to record a video for the giveaway of our page ( I linked it in one of the previous posts but I will share it again CLICK). You have the chance to win this gorgeous rhapsody wig, the color is amazing, I would like to get it for me too!

 photo IMG_1481.jpg

I wore a cozy but detailed outfit, mostly by Glavil XD you know it’s my favorite brand but it’s always so strange to dress up almost totally with one brand! I tried to make a non-gyaru coordinate but at the same time not too creepy cute, I always try to make personal coordinate, I’m still searching for my style but my taste is so various and I like too many things I don’t know which style suits me better çoç.

 photo IMG_1196.jpg

 photo IMG_1193.jpg

Horns Kreepsville666 – Top, parka, skirt Glavil – Tights Ebay – Shoes Sango – Choker Ghost of Harlem

Saturday I went out with Grazia, Chiara, my boyfriend and Nicola (who is perfect in his aristocrat outfit *_*), the weather was so bad, it rained all day so we spent the most of our time in our usual lovely bar, took a lot of sweets, tea and hot chocolate eheh we had the chance to talk a lot! I changed the outfit just 5 minutes before my boyfriend took me from my home, I don’t know why, but the previous outfit was strange and I had only few minutes to change the clothes and I finished to do my hair in the car XD, I wanted to make a different simple hair style this time, not the usual odango but two little open tails, I don’t know if this style has a name XD sorry!

 photo IMG_1209.jpg

 photo IMG_1487.jpg

Make-up and hair details!

Ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 – Jacket Candy Stripper – Sweater Peace Now – Skirt H&M – Tights Missguided – Bag Algonquins – Boots Dr Martens

Then we went to the usual comic shop because they opened a new local beside the original one but there were so many people it was hard to greet the people we know XD!

 photo IMG_1214-1.jpg
Group picture *v*

We had the time to only check Bershka then we went home, it was a really busy day but I’m always really happy to spend my time with my friends, it makes me really happy!

I also would like to share my first video-tutorial for the FB page! I explain without words XD how to create three different outfit styles with only one dress, obviously it’s impossible to explain in a little video how to create an outfit from 0, it depends on the dress and the colors but I hope you like it anyway! It’s also a new way to show how you can create a lolita outfit without all brand items :P so if you’re new in lolita fashion you don’t need to spend a fortune for a single outfit, you can find a lot of good things for cheap in your local stores! Let me know if you have some advices and ideas for a next tutorial *_*

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  1. Cute outfits! I think you should just continure to wear what you like because you suit so much :D

  2. Quanti begli outfits <3! I tuoi e anche quelli delle tue amiche - anche quello del tuo amico in aristocrat è davvero molto bello! Ah, vorrei anch'io degli amici così stilosi XDDD
    Tra l'altro con quelle foto mi hai messo voglia di mangiare porcherie cinesi XD!

    1. grazie mille *__* ♥ non si può mai dire di no al cibo cinese ahahah!

  3. ooooooh my god I totally missed the giveaway!! D:
    the wig is awesome!! <3
    Best Luck for your exams!! I'm sure you can do it! <3

    Ahhhw, Glavil is just the best xD it suits you so well *^*
    Your friends are soooo pretty and fashionable...just like you <3

    1. awww thank you very much dear *___* ♥♥♥

  4. Awww♥ You voice is so cute and lady like *^* I love it. The video turned out great my dear~


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