Spring Haul + Easter presents

Thanks to Easter’s money I received from my parents and some selling I did some shopping for spring! I really need some new things for spring, everything in my closet is so black, black and…black XD but I would like to try more light colors!

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I bought in Japan a pair of platform sneakers and I fell in love with them because they are really comfy so I decided to take another pair in white higher and perfect for summer and spring, I hope they will not became grey in few time XD I’m really fixated with clean shoes, they’re also really versatile in my opinion, I can use them with gyaru style but also with aomoji-kei (now I understand my don’t-know-how-to-call-my-outfit are called so). You can find them in a lot of different colors for around 30 euro on ebay or taobao!

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I’m literally fixated with jackets and in my little collection I missed this model, it’s really cute and I love white x lavender for spring *v* it’s a nice change because all my jacket are black or jeans. It’s from an old Candy Stripper collection , Amo wore it in their publicity! 

 photo IMG_1025.jpg

This backpack was in my wish list for so looooong but I didn't have the chance to get it, now I’m super happy with it, the quality is really good and finally I can take with me all the things I need when I go out without dying with an handbag that weights over 4 kg XD ( I take with me a lot of things, I will soon make a “what’s in my bag post”)

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I also bought a bunch of new tights, I can’t wait to try all of them! In details they are one tattoo with black crosses everywhere, a pair similar to the Grimoire's one with crosses and angels and a pale pink pair with face’s cats everywhere ahahah, as usual I can’t escape to my cat addiction.

 photo IMG_1112-1.jpg

I also bought other Kreepsville accessories to match the previous haul post ones and a new pair of horns, this time in red! My kreepsville collection grows a lot XD

 photo IMG_0980.jpg

And then after my last little shopping session I bought this super cute collar with spikes! I was searching for something like this for so long time, but in Japan they were too expensive, I thought to buy it from ebay but I’m always really lazy to buy from it because everything arrives after a very long time, I was really lucky to find it here for a honest price, it’s from Terranova!

 photo IMG_0964.jpg

During the past months I also bought some new cosmetics but I didn’t share them on my blog, mostly are cheap, the most important and recent one is my new Naked basics palette from Urban Decay *v* I LOVE it! I recommend it to you if you are searching for excellent quality natural eye shadows for a good price! Another good make up purchase was the Make Up forever concelear, it’s super pale and perfect for my skin, I also can use it to illuminate the eyes area. I also bought some new nail polishes and three cheap eyebrow pencils, the first two I bought from NYC are not my color XD I feel so unlucky to have this sort of dark blonde grayish color, but then Kiko launched a new eyebrow series and I finally found a good grey pencil *v* yay!

 photo IMG_1014.jpg

Now it’s the time for some presents I received  for Easter *v* firstly my lovely boyfriend bought for me the Glavil skirt in the new purple color (he is always so damn kind with me and he loves Glavil so he always asks me if there is something new that I want *v*), I love it so much, it’s my favorite skirt and I hope to get it in other colors in the future! Yes, I’m the type of person who likse something and gets it in all the colors XD ahahah! You can get it with a shopping service located in Tokyo! I used Sutewi's shopping service with my friends so we divided the shipping cost as usual!

 photo IMG_0962.jpg

 photo IMG_1291-2.jpg

My boyfriend’s sister also gave me some little presents, new tights and new things for nail art ( I fell in love with the new Kiko stickers, as you can see I just used some of them XD and I can’t wait to try all the l’Oreal ones) 

 photo IMG_0983-1.jpg

Another most wanted item was Naked 1, when I went to Sephora to take the Basics one I swatched a bit the Naked 1 and I fell in love with it but I couldn’t afford it in that moment, so my boyfriend’s mother decided to take it for me for Easter *v* I was so damn happy! Now I’m ok with eye shadows for the rest of my life XD

 photo eggs.jpg

I also received chocolates as usual from my family! My grandfather won the first prize in a competition and the prize was a huge chocolate egg of 2 kg!!! Bye bye diet XD we will see again in the future.

That’s all for my haul! I don’t think I can buy a lot in the next months because I spent too much and there are a lot of important birthdays on May: my boyfriend and my two lovely friends Grazia and Chiara, I spent all my money for their birthday's presents and for some summer dresses because I have only two right now XD I will show them when I'll receive the parcel so maybe in my summer haul post. As always if you have some questions let me know!

I would like to remember my giveaway is still open until the 1st May :D enojy it! 

Also the FB page Harajuku fashion walk Pescara organized a giveaway with a super beautiful rhapsody wig, I hope you like and enter it!

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  1. so many nice gets! *___*
    I want to go out fot shopping~! ;3;

  2. Everything is so perfect gahhh ; ;

  3. I am kind of amazed by you.

  4. Love the shoes and hair pieces!


  5. Now a i want to shopping... xD
    I really love your items. *w*

    xo, Shiki


  6. Everything is so pretty :) I love the tights and the platform sneakers too. You have such cool style!

  7. So many lovely purchases ♥ Those tattoo tights are awesome, and that backpack is so cool, I lvoe it alot! And wow, all that chocolate :D

  8. Aw, quante belle cose <3! Anch'io ho la Naked 1, era uno dei miei regali di laurea l'anno scorso :) solo che non so bene come abbinare quei colori ai miei soliti look total black, dato che sono tutti piuttosto sul neutro. Mentre quella piccolina che hai tu l'ho regalata a un'amica il mese scorso, anche lei ne era piuttosto soddisfatta :D
    Oh, e adoro le calze che ti sei presa <3 anche lo zainetto è molto carino.
    Le platform sneakers sono bellissime e mi piacerebbe prendermene un paio, ma temo che una volta passate di moda saranno improponibili ''XD argh, sono indecisa! Comunque le ho viste su un tuo outfit e sono veramente belle :D

    1. grazie mille ♥♥♥ prendile assolutamente le platform sneakers *u* sono comodissime, se prendi un modello un pò più basso sono sicura che potrai usarle un sacco di anni senza che nessuno ti dica nulla ahahah XD

  9. Ah, I really love the collar, I want to buy something like that soon^^
    Nice post^^
    Have a nice day~


  10. You got so many amazing stuff! I am deeply in love with the platforms sneakers!

    1. thank you sweetie ♡ I'm glad you like them *_*

  11. Oh really lovely and cute haul!
    Many stuffs!
    your remember to me a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
    Now I´m following you in FB and GFC I hope
    your follow me back!



    1. thank you very much ♡♡ Kyary is so adorable *u*!

      I'm following you on GFC ♡


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