Play Modena day 2


As I said in advance in the previous post, I spent one of the most horrible nights of my life: between the super uncomfortable bed and the bathroom after the dinner to Mc Donalds…I didn’t sleep and when I went to the convention I went other four times in the bathroom….you can imagine how I was: like a zombie totally dehydrated, I also thought to go to the hospital but I tried resist because I didn’t want to ruin the day to my friends and I also wanted to see the interview with my cosplay idols Calssara and Elffi!

 photo IMG_1100.jpg

I also made other pictures with them, they were fabulous!

 photo IMG_1095.jpg

 photo IMG_1097.jpg

With my friend Giada

 photo IMG_1072-2.jpg

I also saw after 6 months some friends I've known thanks to other conventions, I was so happy to meet them! Unluckily we are so far away :(

 photo IMG_1098-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1103.jpg

And lastly some few pictures of my Index cosplay, do you know her? To Aru Majustsu no Index is one of my favorite animes of all time! I was so happy to cosplay her, we are both always hungy ahahah!

 photo IMG_1078.jpg

 photo IMG_1084.jpg

Sorry if this post is so full of cosplay’s pictures and I didn’t write so much, you can imagine how this day was XD I spent most of the time sitting in a chair in front of the stage! I hope you like the post anyway *v* I’m thinking about a new cosplay, I would like to make a new cosplay with a huge or particular dress but also with a weapon! Let me know if you have some advice for me :D

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  1. Oddio, che coraggio ad andare a una fiera in quelle condizioni ;-; spero che tu stia meglio adesso.
    Ah, non so se sia un problema solo mio, ma alcune foto non si vedono :/ sono la terza, la quarta e l'ottava.

    1. grazie per avermi avvertita! adesso si vedono tutte? purtroppo ogni tanto photobucket fa i capricci >.>

  2. I'm so sorry that you got so sick, McDonalds is so bad :(
    your cosplay looks lovely sweetie

  3. You looked so pretty! ;^;
    your cosplay was perfect! well done! <3

  4. Hi, love the cosplay photos. Not sure if this is appropriate, but anyway.. I noticed you say unluckily a lot where I think you mean unfortunately. E.g: it was unlucky that you got ill (hope you feel better by the way); but it is unfortunate that you and your friend live far apart. Not a criticism, just thought you'd like to know..

    1. thank you for your advice, I'm not native language so I don't know these words shades :)!


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