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Hi dears!
How did you spend your weekend? As someone would know thanks to my twitter or my FB page I was in Modena for a local convention, I went there with my boyfriend and my friend Giada and the experience was really wanderful, but let’s start with the first day. We arrived in Modena without problems and took Giada’s boyfriend at the station, then we searched our hotel…and we get lost around Modena XD I’m always very disappointed when it happenes! Then thanks to my phone we found the hotel yay! 
Some pictures of the room, it was clean and really cute, also the staff was really kind with us!

 photo 1-22.jpg

We changed our clothes and went to the convention, it was so big I didn’t except it! My first thought was to find my cosplay idols Calssara and Elffi (maybe someone of you knows them) and I luckily found them and than talked with them! They are super nice and amazing, I hope to become a good cosplayer like them in the future *v*!

 photo IMG_1051-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1056.jpg

 photo IMG_1058.jpg

With Elffi *v* I also made a picture with Calssara but it’s in Giada’s camera so I need to wait to have it in my hands ahahah! 
Some random pictures of the convention, after the cosplay contest my boyfriend also teached me to play chess, I was so happy ‘cause I wanted to learn it for so many years!

 photo IMG_1063.jpg

 photo IMG_1065.jpg

 photo IMG_1064.jpg

This was my outfit of the day! I wanted to stay cozy ahah I also wore some new things I received in the past days! I will make soon a new haul post!

 photo IMG_1040.jpg

 photo IMG_1036.jpg
 photo IMG_1044.jpg

Jacket Zuiki – Bones Kreepsville –  Choker Ghost of Harlem – Necklace Graveyard Rose - Sweater Studio Alta – Skirt Glavil – Tights Ebay – Shoes Montreal – Bag taobao

And a picture with my friend Giada who wore her fabulous Miku sandplay cosplay!

 photo IMG_1045.jpg

After the convention we went for dinner to Mc Donalds, I didn’t eat there for like 5 years and I regret it because thanks to their food I spent one of the most horrible days of my life XD but I will talk about it in the next post about the second day! We came back to the hotel and we were so lucky to watch the last episode of American Masterchef, we always try not to lose a single episode so it was so nice to relax in the bed watching it!

8 commenti:

  1. So cute, you both look amazing! I'm glad that you had a good time and got to talk with your idols. That must've been so much fun :)
    Sorry about the McDonalds too, I haven't eaten there in years either because it makes me feel so sick :(

    1. thank you very much *v*

      from now I HATE Mc Donalds like you ahahah

  2. Che bello lo zainetto *_*! E le rocking horse con la mano scheletrica sono fantastiche *_* (tra l'altro nel mio ultimo outfit post stavo indossando lo stesso maglione XD)

    1. awww grazie mille *v* vado subito a dare un'occhiata!

  3. Love the way you take the raske of dress in a original way ♥

  4. your style is beautiful.


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