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I was so lucky during the Christmas time that I received the 90% of the items of my previous wish list so I thought it’s the time to make a new one! Strangely I don’t’ want something really expensive this time and also I don’t feel the need to buy tons of new clothes because I know I bought a bit too much  during winter *looking at the closet near to explode*. I tried to include mostly items I really need and something I wanted for so long:

CandyStripper shoes, ok I don’t need a new pair of shoes but I was sick of my white creepers (I sold them) because they were too big for me I wanted a new pair for a little change! I’m still undecided between pink and white, but they are also super cute in black!

Lush products,  I tried a hair cream and a ball for bath and I totally fell in love with this brand and I would like to try a lot of products, especially for body and hair! It’s also a good gift idea eheh. The most needed thing for me is to buy again “Belli Capelli” because it helped a lot my hair to stay in good condition after bleaching.

Sigma travel set (or the big set) , ok I don’t really need a new complete brushes set because I’m really satisfied with my current one, but because I wear a lot of different colors I need to have many different brushes  (and I don’t have the time to wash them every day and I also could damage them this way) and the Sigma set was always my most wanted one!

Another item I really desire but I don't really need ahahah it’s the new transparent backpack by Glad News, the past summer I fell in love with transparent bags, everyone said to me how they’re ugly and nobody except few brand will sell them….now it’s a trend in Japan yay! This is my favorite bag, but now I can’t afford it, I’m sure it will be sold out really fast T_T.

Summer Dresses, I used this Glad News picture because I LOVE that dress but it’s out of stock ç_ç there are a lot of other old models from GN I really like so I hope to get two or three summer dresses from this brand! There are also some models from Ghost of Harlem I like, I will decide when I have some money ahahah XD I have only two summer dresses in this moment because every year I ruin many things washing them….

Summer Sandals, they are the most important thing I need to buy for the next season, my black pair are almost dead so I absolutely need a new pair with low heels ( with spikes of course), if I could also find a comfortable high heels pair it will be perfect! The brand is not important (the pictures are only examples), I only want something comfortable and good looking ahah!

Do you have some really wanted items? You prefer to buy something you really need or something you really desire?

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  1. Love the dress and candy stripper shoes!!!
    You have a great taste :D

    I bought a make-up brush set at sephora, they are good to put on our bag and go out!

  2. Great Wish list :)
    I love Lush products too, their face masks are so good! The shoes are super cute hehe

  3. The Candy Stripper shoes are great <3 Nice wishlist, it makes me wanna wear more spring clothes *_*

    1. thank you *v* I can't wait to order the Candy Stripper shoes, they're so cute!

  4. The Candy Stripper's shoes are so nice !! And I'm in love witht hat Glad News' bag *o* I really love transparent bags~ I have one gold-glitter-transparent bag (it's a fabulous bag, haha !) from FURLA, it's such an amazing item~

    1. I'm so happy you love like me transparent bag *v* Furla makes always amazing bag!

  5. Candy stripper shoes ♥ I like your list, and I hope you will be able to get what you want!


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