Saturday to the mall

I went with Sara and my bf to the mall yesterday, we visited a lot of cute shop like h&m, terranova, calliope, etc…Sara bought some accessories and a long cardigan from Terranova, then we went to Kiko for make up shopping (as always ahah). The store had a new line of pigments, all the eyeshadows was so brilliant and special so we decided to buy two of them, a special dark green and a gorgeous shade of blue with purple reflex, I’m in love with them! When it’s possible I would like to buy other three colors ahah
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Our outfits: Sara was so cute! I’m in love with her outfit! I wore a simple and comfy outfit with my new Banana Fish “dress” and creepers, I also wore my new cross ring but it’s really hard to see! Now I’m waiting for a restock to buy other accessories for this dress, I have a lot of ideas! I hope a lot of cute dresses will be on sale on January ‘cause I would like to buy them XD ahah!
After shopping we went to a cute bar in my town for an hot tea:
This set is called “Cerimonial Tea” and it is inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, so gorgeous! The tea was delicious, I chose a white tea ^^ next time I would like to try a different one with fruits and flowers!
Here there’s a pic of my purchases:
If someone is interested I can swatch them! The colors are so brilliant!
PS: a friend of mine who is a photographer made me a new Lolita set! I’ll receive the pics in the next days, stay tuned :D I hope I will look ok ahah I’m always very downhearted about my aspect.

6 commenti:

  1. siete bellissime *_____*

  2. you both look pretty! I want your VW bag *-* wooooow
    The tea set is cute :3
    And, of course, make up shopping!
    Yay, new pics coming!

  3. shirayuki: grazie cara >*< ♥

    Haku: thank you very much dear ♥! the bag is a replica but it's so good quality that everyone think it's original ahah XD I hope to buy the original one in future!

  4. I looooooooove your outfits :3 i want some teaaa *¬*

  5. Looking forward to see some swatches.
    Love your outfit!!


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