Outfit snap #7

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to a manga shop opening in a nearby city, so I decided to wear my new Front Cross dress from MmM (arrived yesterday! I feel like a child XD ahah), the weather is so damn hot to wear a blouse so I wore a really light tulle cardigan ! The only bad thing was I covered the beautiful front cross, next time I'll surely show it!

You can see a bit my make up this time!

Favorite blue nail polish ♥

I hope you like it! In the next post I'll share pics about my last parcels received, stay tuned :D!

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  1. Love this outfit on you! ♥
    And it's samart to wear a light tulle cardigan, I know what it's like to wear lolita, when it's actually too warm for it!
    And that nailpolish looks good and a perfect match for that dress. I have blue nailpolish that's a perfect match with the Silent Moon print.

    And I like how you did your make-up. Gosh, you look so pretty ♥

    Did you bought anything at the manga store?

  2. thank you dear ♥ I'm glad you like it!
    What nailpolish do you use with silent moon? I'm so curious!

    I didn't buy anything 'cause next weeks I'll buy a lot of new volumes ( Bleach, D.gray man, Fairy tail and Shi Ki...I'm a terrible otaku XD)

  3. I use a nailpolish from a Dutch store.
    Picture: http://i942.photobucket.com/albums/ad264/Niesje7002/Various/IMGP1531finished.jpg

    It's not so expensive, I thought around €2,50.
    If you want I can always buy you one, it's such a pretty color!

    Oh D. Grag man, I love that serie! But I don't really read it anymore like I used to. But I still haven't finished that serie.

  4. the color is really gorgeous, I have a similar one from an italian brand! thank you for your kindness ♥♥♥

    D.gray man is continuing, I hate Hoshino sensei 'cause she made only one chapter per month =___= I hope she'll make a beautiful ending for this great manga!!

  5. Oh that's great! I love it whenh my nailpolish matches my outfit ^^

    Ah I must buy more of the manga, but I also have the anime on my pc, whch I haven't seen all of it either haha

  6. Honestly? That dress is my favorite jsk design ever and its so confortable for even people my size. I just adore that dress. You look really cute in it, i love how you always make everything look so casual and easy to wear. I think that's the main feature i would associate with you if asked.
    Haven't watched anime or read manga in a long long time.

  7. thank you very much Jo ♥ this dress is a dream! I hope to make a better outfit asap! Summer is the worst enemy for lolita!

  8. Commento scemo: non mi ero accorta di quanto ti fossero cresciuti i capelli! *O*
    Stai benissimo così, elegante e sobria!^^

  9. Grazie mille cara ♥ sono contenta che ti piace! Spero arrivi presto il desiderato autunno per fare outfit un pò più complessi >w<


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