I received two parcels some days ago (now I am waiting for another one XD), the first is from Celga, I bought the front cross dress from MmM and a Suppurate System necklace some months ago , I'm in love with them ♥♥♥.

Keigo san sent me these two presents, August Kera and a Rilakkuma takes notes, thank you again for your great service ♥!

I have only one word for this: perfect ♥! The fabric is a soft chiffon, the color changes with the light, indeed it's more dark but with the sun it looks light blue!

The lace is the same of Divine Cross, I love it! I need more cross lace in my life!

Suppurate system cherry spiked ( Cross Type)
I received a postcard with Ryonai! It's the Dark Tea Party II advertising, from this set I love the cross necklace with cookie bear, all the things are always so original! I hope to buy from him again!

I want to share the real necklace dimensions: it's so BIG! Luckly it's really light!

The second is the Tulle Rose op from MmM, I bought it on ebay from UK, it was in my wishlist for a long time, now I have it ♥

In the next days I'll share pics about Waratte Koraete show! Stay tuned!
Thank you for looking ♥!

7 commenti:

  1. Wow, gorgeos dresses ♥ ♥
    Can't wait to see those on you ^^
    And the necklace is amazing, and really big! Much bigger then I thought :p

  2. thank you dear ♥ I hope to wear it asap!
    Now I want more SS accessories XD eheh

  3. Il primo vestito è stupendo! *O* Il secondo non mi fa impazzire, ma prima lo voglio vedere indosso a te, non sarebbe la prima volta che mi fai cambiare idea su un abito ;)
    Hyru scusa se te lo richiedo ma lo dimentico sempre, con quale SS ti trovi bene su Taobao? Ho in programma un paio di ordini** Graziee

  4. Grazie mille cara ♥ spero di farti cambiare idea >w< l'abito è davvero bello e cade benissimo! Lo ss che uso su taobao è Taobaospree :D davvero veloci, economici e gentili!

    Thank you Yumie ♥ I'm glad you like them!!

  5. These are two of my favorite dresses from mmm of all time, the second has been a favorite for a long long time, but the first was the kind of dress i feel in love after trying it on. Great taste!

  6. thank you very much ♥ These dresses are so gorgeous, I'm so lucky! In future if I'll go to Porto we can twin with two dresses :D ahah!


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