Last day with Flavia

During the forth day (the last with Flavia *sadness*) we had a very simple program: walk around the city and eat something. We made some pics in a nearby park, Flavia and me twinned with our Oiseau Bleu print, sorry if my outfit was really simple, but in Italy the weather now is so damn hot x.x I want autumn!

Unfortunately I re-start to study for my septmber exams, I hate University!

4 commenti:

  1. Must be fun to twin ^^
    You both look lovely ♥
    I can imagine you want to wear something simple due to the weather!

  2. thank you dear ♥! Summer is like the hell here in Italy, I want to die XD

  3. aww you girls look sweet c:.

    And I can't get over how awesome your hair is xD.

  4. thank you very much ♥♥♥! I'm glad you like my hair :D I lot of people told me if it's a wig XD ahah!


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