Third day: outfit snap + lot of pics!

During the third day we went to the mall, I bought two piggy-bank (lol XD one for me and one for my mother) and a new powder/foundation from Benefit!


I borrowed this Innocent world dress from my friend Flavia, she always wears classic lolita so I decided to lend her my Miracle Candy skirt, it's her first time in real sweet lolita!

Sorry for the bad evening pic ( I wore my glasses XD lol)

We went to a festival called "Goblet and music under the stars", there was a lot of gastronomic stands *gnam gnam*

And finally, the the pics about paintings exibithion and observatory! I hope you like them :D

Observatory (meteorites show):

After the conference about meteorites we see the lunar surface and a double star (one orange and one blue), I really love the Observatory :D this winter I hope to see planets and other stars!

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  1. Che belle che siete! <3
    Flavia sa rendere tutto elegante e amo i capelli di Chiara!
    Mi ispira moltissimo l'acconciatura che hai fatto con il virgin mary, me la spiegheresti >_< sono fatima!
    Beh, bacini <3

  2. Oh that place looks great ^^
    And nice to see your friend trying out sweet, it looks good on her. And you looked lovely ♥

  3. chery kiss: uuuu non sapevo che avevi blogspot ç*ç grazie grazie <3! L'acconciatura in realtà è molto semplice, ho lasciato davanti due ciocche e poi ho raccolto i capelli in una coda laterale e ho fatto i boccoli! la volevo fare da tanto, spero la prossima volta di avere delle extension per poterla fare più voluminosa!

    †Niesje7002†: thank you dear ♥ *hugs*

  4. omg. i love your JSK!

  5. thank you <3 It's not mine, but I love it too :D

  6. I can't believe I just found your blog :) of course I followed it^^ I love this look and it looks like such a fun time :)

    PS, I'm also obsessed with Rilakkuma- when I came back from living in Japan I shipped 6 boxes of Rilakkuma stuff back with me :P hehe

  7. Thank you so much for you comment and the follow, I'm so glad to read you on blogspot too ♥! Thanks thanks!

    Now I want to see your rilakkuma collection :D we're like maniac ahah ♥!

  8. Some cords beautiful, I love the second.

    Meteorites seem very interesting! little bits of things from outer space lol

  9. thank you very much Shiva ♥!

    The meteorites show was really interesting :D I hope to go back to the observatory soon!

  10. Those two outfits are beautiful and i adore them both on you!

  11. thank you very much ♥ I'm very glad you like them!


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