Gold chains

Wig Heahair - Hat Romwe - Blouse Romwe  - Skirt Romwe - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Tights Calzedonia - Boots Quanticlo

Hello guys! Today's outfit feautures some of my all time favorite items and a brand new one, I recently got this lovely blouse in the mail and look how beautiful it is, it definetely reminds Versace prints me a lot, don't you think? I really like this kind of prints with chains and belts and also gold prints over black items are one of my favorite combinations. If you're looking for a cool blouse that looks like a luxury item you have to give it a chance 'cause it's really gorgeous! I tried to mantain an edgy feeling to the whole look so I added my favorite platform boots together with my old fake leather skirt you already saw many times. My beloved VW bag is perfect to complete the look! I think it's a nice idea for an evening with friends if you want to look cool with a tiny budget :D 

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